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Once I used The Dustball Plagiarism Checker everything was easier to me. I am a student who needed a web page to check the plagiarism percentage in one of my most important individual presentations at school. When I found this webpage it was amazing, I had the chance to correct everything and I learned so much too. Now I am always using it to make everything perfect.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of taking another person's writing, verbal exchange, track, or maybe idea and passing it off as your own. This includes information from net pages, books, songs, tv indicates, e-mail messages, interviews, articles, artistic endeavors or every other medium. on every occasion you paraphrase, summarize, or take phrases, phrases, or sentences from some other character's paintings, it's miles necessary to indicate the supply of the records within your paper the usage of an inner quotation. It isn't enough to simply list the source in a bibliography on the stop of your paper. Failing to properly quote, cite or acknowledge a person else's words or ideas with an internal citation is plagiarism.

What is an internal quotation?

An internal, in-textual content, or parenthetical citation refers back to the practice of giving credit to an creator, singer, or speaker by means of mentioning their words/ideas inside your paper. This internal quotation is then referenced on the give up of your paper for your 'Works mentioned' list (see under). internal citations are every so often referred to as parenthetical citations because they are enclosed via parentheses. it's useful to consider internal citations as a kind of "tag" indicating what you've borrowed from an creator. For every sentence, word or concept you borrow you need to "tag" it with an inner citation. each inner quotation is then listed alphabetically in a 'Works noted' web page on the quit of your paper.

Borrowing the paintings's shape, layout or fashion without giving credit is also taken into consideration plagiarism. Tt is critical to keep in mind that merely converting the wording isn't always enough.

What's a Works stated web page

A Works cited web page, also called a bibliography or reference listing, comes at the stop of your paper list all of the works (books, articles, net sites, and many others.) you have quoted, paraphrased or in any other case used to create your paper. The citations are normally listed alphabetically by the authors' ultimate names and normally include the call of the e-book, the writer/date of ebook, and the volume, difficulty and pages if applicable. How works are internally mentioned and the way the citations are organized inside the "Works mentioned" web page can be determined via the fashion guide (MLA, APA and Turabian) specific with the aid of your trainer.

What's 'common information'?

Not unusual know-how needs no inner citation in a paper. common knowledge includes data this is considered a nicely-installed truth verifiable in five or more sources. it is also not unusual sayings and proverbs ("appearance before you jump") and historical dates, locations and events. An instance of not unusual knowledge desiring no citation: Jane Austen changed into born in 1775.

What is a 'unique word'?

A unique word does need an inner citation. a unique word is one which is coined by using an author and used generally by way of different authors in a specific genre or area, however it is not necessarily a commonplace truth or phrase used by all and sundry.